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Tarakeshwar, or Tarekeshwar is a pilgrimage point for Shiva worshippers. A shiva lingam was discovered by one Mr. Mukunda Ghosh, and later King Bharamalla got a dream that a temple be built there. He cleared the forests and built the temple there in 1729. Now, it is one of the prime Shiva temples in and around Kolkata, and thousands throng the place carrying water from nearby Saoraphuli, during the Mondays of the month of Shravan. Bhakts also go there during Shivratri and Chaitra Sankranti, also called Gajan.

Just beside the mandir is a pond called Dudhpukur, which collects all the water that is poured on Lord Taraknath.
It is said that bathing in Dudhpukur will bring you good fortune.

The priests and brokers of all kind poses a bit of a problem in the area. There are a few places to stay that give you basic accommodation in and around the temple. The Rajbari beside also falls in the visit list.

You can reach Tarakshwar by taking Tarakeshwar local train from Howrah. You can also take a bus from Dharmatala, Kolkata. Or you can go by road.

Radhanagar: About 45 Kms from Tarakeshward is Radhanagar, where Raja Rammohan Roy was born. Enthusiast can contemplate visiting the place and check our Rammohan's worshipping place, the Radhakanta Jiu's temple, and the idyllic Bengal village life.


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